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Cedar Point Dental Membership Plan Details

Our practice philosophy is rooted in communication.  We actively listen to our patients, address their concerns and discuss the treatment options that are available to them.  Dental treatment should be based on an individual’s needs and expectations and not necessarily limited by their insurance.  Unfortunately, over the last decade we have seen patient’s dental benefits continuously reduced or lost entirely.  

Insurance companies bid on contracts, promising reduced costs for the employers.  These plans often control costs by restricting the procedures available to the patient and the providers they are allowed to see.  Neither of these is in the best interest of the patient.

Our dental membership plan provides our patients with affordable quality care.  It establishes a direct relationship between the patient and dentist.  There are no yearly maximums, no deductibles and no pre-authorization requirements.  The plan cannot be combined with any other insurance and is only valid at Cedar Point Dental.

Advantages of Membership Over Traditional Insurance

No yearly maximums

No deductibles

No claim forms

No pre-authorization requirements

No pre-existing condition limitations

No denial of coverage

No waiting periods

The most significant advantage of the Cedar Point Dental Membership is the focus on preventive care.  By including two hygiene visits and exams each year, potential problems can be discovered earlier and less invasive, less expensive treatment can often be performed.

Cedar Point Dental Membership Agreement

Cedar Point Membership Includes

  •     Up to two exams, routine cleanings and necessary x-rays
  •     1 Emergency care visit: exam and necessary x-rays
  •     Oral cancer screening
  •     Periodontal diagnostic screening
  •     Diagnostic Photographs
  •     Restorative and cosmetic consultations
  •     Up to two fluoride treatments when indicated
  •     Nitrous Oxide at no additional charge for children
  •     Full mouth whitening treatment only $149
  •     15% discount on all other dental and periodontal treatment

Terms and Conditions

  1. This is a dental membership plan, not insurance.  It can not be combined with any other insurance. It is only valid at Cedar Point Dental; other providers and specialists are not included.  Plan fees are subject to change.  
  2. In you are a current patient enrolling in our membership plan, your account must have a zero balance.
  3. The plan is not retroactive and will become effective on the date of enrollment.
  4. It is the member’s responsibility to utilize the services within their plan year limit.  Any unused benefits will not be carried over or refunded. This plan is not transferable to another individual.
  5. In exchange for the care provided under this plan, the covered member agrees to pay all balances in full at the time of treatment.  If treatment is not paid in full, the 15% discount may be void. Credit card payments will reduce the discount to 12%.
  6. The member can opt out of the plan for a full refund within 30 days of enrollment as long as no treatment has been provided.
  7. Services are based upon a plan year.  The full membership fees are due on the date of enrollment and eligibility remains active 12 months from that enrollment date.  There are no waiting periods. Your membership can be renewed at the end of each plan year.
  8. A cancellation fee will apply for appointments that are either failed or cancelled without 24 hours notice.