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There are a variety of options available to treat dental decay.  The ideal restorative option is dependent on the size and location of the cavity.  Fillings are a minimally invasive and effective treatment for small to medium-sized cavities.  Modern dental composites (tooth-colored fillings) provide several advantages over traditional silver fillings:

  1. Composites exhibit less post-operative sensitivity than silver fillings.
  2. Composites are bonded to the teeth, making them less invasive than a traditional silver filling.
  3. Composites resemble the color and translucency of natural teeth, making them more natural.
  4. Composites are hardened with ultraviolet light, resulting in a filling that is fully functional immediately.

When placed properly dental composite offers an aesthetic and highly-functional option with an excellent long-term prognosis.

Additional photos of completed filling cases can be viewed in our Smile Gallery.

The decay seen in this photo was a result of excessive sweet tea consumption. The cavities wrap almost completely around each tooth.

The patient was still a teenager, so Dr. Maggiore placed composite fillings. The lower photo shows the final restorations a couple months after placement.

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