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Your First Visit

Patients have different expectations and priorities when contacting our office for the first time.  This is why we do not attempt to schedule identical appointments for every new patient in our practice.  Our initial patient visits are of three types based on the patient’s needs.

Urgent Care

Patients who are in pain or have had a recent trauma or event that requires immediate attention. These patients are given a priority appointment with the dentist that same day.  At this appointment the condition will be assessed, treatment recommendations will be made, and either definitive or temporary treatment may be provided if it is indicated and acceptable to the patient.

Recall Exam

This is the most common new patient visit.  Patients who are interested in a cleaning and an exam, but are not having any pain.  These appointments are scheduled with a member of our hygiene team.  A complete set of x-rays will be taken as well as a comprehensive exam and periodontal screening.  At the end of the appointment the doctor will discuss his findings and any treatment recommendations.  If necessary, a separate consultation can be scheduled to review your treatment options.  These consultations are always at no additional charge.

Advanced Restorative Consultation  

Many new patients are referred to our practice by family, friends, or other dentists to address a specific dental concern.  These patients are usually not in pain, but have long standing functional or esthetic problems they wish to correct.  These appointments are scheduled with the dentist for sixty to ninety minutes.  Patients are encouraged to discuss their concerns in detail.  A comprehensive exam including x-rays and photographs will be completed.  The doctor will discuss possible treatment options at this visit.  However, a follow-up consultation is always scheduled so that treatment recommendations can be reviewed in detail.

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