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Nothing speaks more powerfully than the words of happy patients.  We are proud to share the compliments we have received:

When I applied for dental care, as a WW II vet, I was given permission to contact a local dentist in the Springfield area.  However, after seeing a dentist, the Danville V.A.  stated that the cost of treatment was too much.  They kept the paperwork going for almost a year before demanding that they complete an examination before allowing a new lower partial denture.  While eventually approving my lower partial, they would only allow for a full upper denture; in other words, they wanted to pull my remaining upper teeth.

Dr. Todd Maggiore of Cedar Point Dental refused to do a shoddy job on this procedure; he believed that this combat infantry vet deserved to have his dental treatment done in a professional manner.  Doctor Maggiore contacted several colleagues who all agreed to donate their time and professional skills to complete the treatment that the V.A. refused to authorize.  They all agreed that this vet 'did so much for us that it is the least they could do for him'.  So much thanks and appreciation goes to Dr. Todd Maggiore, Dr. David Hurt, Chuck Louthan with Louthan Dental lab and Steve Tabb with Tabb Dental Lab.  People like these deserve special thanks and appreciation from all of us.

~ Letter submitted to the State journal register by Robert S.

Thank you Dr. Cross and Dr. Maggiore for your professional approach and manner which resulted in the final completion of my permanent bridgework.  Now that my dental implants and permanent bridge are completed, I feel like I have a new lease on life with the ability to eat normally again.  The two of you might be considered, what I would call, a "dynamic duo'.

I also want to thank the assistants who worked with you, as well as the lab that finalized the bridgework.  I realize that you both had a limited amount of time to work.  I also appreciated Dr. Maggiore and his assistant coming in on their day off in order to provide the lab with an adequate amount of time in case additional adjustments were needed.

It was certainly worth the two trips to Springfield, Illinois to come back home to Palm Harbor, Florida with peace of mind about the dental work completion.  Again, thank you and your staff very much.

~ Letter sent to Dr. Maggiore from Lori F.

I absolutely love this office.  Everyone is extremely nice and very down to earth and funny.  They make you actually look forward to visiting the dentist.  Both my boys have decided they like going there also and it didn't take any convincing.  I have been to both Dr. Boggess and Maggiore and they really complement each other very well. I am sure their practice has grown because I have recommended them to everyone I know.   One thing I notice is when they are working on your teeth they will actually check to make sure you are comfortable and pain free.  I had a tooth that I was going to get a root canal done on but my appointment wasn't until a week later.  It started hurting so bad that I called the office and they made sure that I got right in.  They do not want to see any of their patients in pain.

Thank you Dr. Boggess and Maggiore and the whole Cedar Point Dental team!  I really do appreciate you all.

~ Cheryl

Great dental care.  I have been to many different offices and this one is the best I have ever been to.  Both dentists are funny and down to earth guys.  The staff are extremely friendly and you can tell by talking to any of them that they are happy to be there.  All the rooms have water (pond) views and every time I go there ducks and swans are always swimming in them.  They are competitively priced and are even open until 7pm a few days a week.  I would recommend this office to anyone.

~ Unknown

It was Easter Sunday and I was getting ready for church.  My temporary cap split in two pieces, leaving me with a gaping stub where my tooth should be.  After a quick call to his office, Dr. Maggiore called me back in just a few minutes.  On Easter Sunday morning he met me at his office, replaced the cap and sent me back on my way, no charge.  My son also had a tooth injury when he was 12.  Dr. Maggiore worked with him until he graduated college to keep his bridge in good shape and matching his other teeth.  You just can't find a more dedicated person who is good at their craft.

~ posted on Angie's List

Dr. Maggiore has seen me on a few occasions.  Once was when I had to have an emergency root canal.  I called because I was in a lot of pain and they got me right in.  These dentists will stay late and come in on their day off if there is an emergency; they really take care of their patients.  I have been going to Cedar Point Dental for years and Dr. Maggiore gets an A++++ from Me!!  Thank you to Dr. Boggess and Maggiore and the whole Cedar Point Dental team.  I really do appreciate you all.

~ posted on Angie's List

Every time I go to Cedar Point Dental they are on time and very nice.  Everyone in the office is fun to talk to.  On this day I needed a filling and the results were great.  I asked Dr. Boggess if the filling could be tooth-colored instead of silver; it matches perfectly.  As usual they did a really great job!  Thank you Dr. Boggess and everyone at Cedar Point Dental!

~ posted on Angie's List

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